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Download Bangla Software Bijoy Bayanno (52) Latest Version

The new edition of Bijoy Bangla Software is publishing in 2016. The edition is Bijoy Bayanno 2016.

This edition is the best of this application compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10. By this time the Ekushey and the Ekattur editions are being update. These editions are also compatible with Windows 10 beside Windows 8. Updates are being as Bijoy for Linux a Bijoy for Mac. By this time Bijoy for Android has been published.

This time Bijoy has crossed the milestone of Bijoy 100. Hope that people will get the edition very soon. But if you wish you can download Bijoy Bayanno 2014 Edition by clicking the following link.
 Bijoy Bayanno 2014 (note: It's my other blog)

New Version of Bijoy Bangla software download and review

It is very difficult to bring the information technology under control in a developing country like Bangladesh. Application Bijoy has done a great job of torch bearer to break the powerful circle of English in order to use Bangla. It is not only a key-board or software but also it is an idea, an invention. On the last Friday there was a seminar on The Silver Jubilee of Bijoy Bangla Keyboard and Software organized by Bangladesh ICT journalist Forum (BIJF). Hasanul Haque Inu, the Information Minister said above in that seminar.

Bijoy Bangla Software started its journey on 16 December 1988. In that seminar the orators discuss on various sides of this software. They said that Bijoy has a much powerful role to use Bangla on computer. The developer of Bijoy, Chief Executive of Ananda Computers and President of Bangladesh Computer Summit (BCS) Mostafa Jabbar said “With the efforts of hundreds of people Bijoy has got the present position. Bangla Key-board and software has crossed 25 years. I shall bear this happy thing in my mind as the inventor of this application.”

In the function there spoke Professor Mansur Musa of Gana University, Md. Aktaruzzaman- Chairman of ISP Association, Poet and Director of National Library, Mainul Islam- Co-chairman of BCS, Muzibur Rahman- Chairman of Computer City, Luna Samsuddoha- Chairman of Bangladesh Women in Technology, Muhammad Khan- Chairman of BIJF, Mohammad Julia- Information Technologist and many others.

The speakers said that it is the duty of everyone to maintain the aesthetic beauty of Bangla Language. When anybody writes Bangla in Roman letters, writing pure Bangla is obstructed and its beauty is hindered. Due to Bijoy key-board and software, use of Bangla in typing and publishing sector has been assured. Some speakers requested the Government to give Mostafa Jabber the State-prize for inventing Bijoy Bangla Software. At the end of the meeting honorarium memorandum has been handed over to Mostafa Jabbar.

Source: Internet.
So, don’t late to download the Bijoy Software from the following link.

I hope to get the new version.

Download the software. Click . Note : It's my other blog

If you wish Bijoy for Latest Version 2014 (All Operating System) & Bijoy 52 (Bayanno) Software download it from here: Bijoy Bangla typing software
Note : It's my other blog

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